Communicate and collaborate

more effectively

Anyone can register and invite acquaintances. Registration is free, fast and secure.

Publish content

  • Post, comment, follow and moderate
  • Texts, images, links, videos, files
  • In private, in groups, to all members or in public
  • In almost 200 languages

Create groups

  • With open access, with approval or by invitation
  • Permanent or temporary, visible or not
  • Invite people individually or massively
  • Assign roles and manage your groups easily

Structure information

  • Create and use tags by group
  • Sort posts according to your needs
  • Search for information by keywords
  • Create your own feeds

Protect your data

  • Keep control of your personal data
  • Enter the data you want to display
  • Remain the owner of your information and content
  • In a protected and secure environment

Why use Lawdle

  • As a crossover innovation between blog, social network, messaging and file sharing system, Lawdle combines several essential attributes:


  • no data is shared, transferred or commercially exploited
  • Lawdle members are not tracked
  • there is no advertising
  • no algorithm classifies the contents for you


  • you target your audience by specifying who can see your posts
  • posts are grouped by feeds
  • each group creates and uses its own tags
  • you set up email notifications by post and by group


  • there is no need for a user manual, help is integrated into the pages
  • group management is facilitated (one main group and permanent or temporary subgroups)
  • you can invite people individually or massively by importing a contact list in a few clicks
  • a single interface allows you to publish in private, to all group members, to all Lawdle members or publicly


  • you can review documents
  • you can attach files and search in them, including comments
  • you can publish posts by stating that you are expecting answers from some people and filter the posts based on the answers
  • feeds, filters (language, territory…) and the search engine can be combined


  • a post can be published in any language
  • a single post can be published in several languages
  • searches and feeds can be created in all languages
  • the interface is available in English, French or Dutch (currently)


  • the content is accessible only to those for whom it is intended
  • we follow best in-class industry security practices
  • all data in transit to our servers and backups are encrypted
  • the domain is protected and our servers are secure (AWS EC2 - Europe)

Who is Lawdle for

  • For any person, company, authority or association that wants to communicate and collaborate more effectively by avoiding email exchanges:
  • any professional, within his/here organization, with colleagues, clients, partners or in an academic context
  • an institution, for its commissions or in its relations with other authorities
  • a training provider or a publisher, to facilitate collaboration with speakers and authors or to add value to trainings
  • an association whose members use different tools
  • any other company or person who needs to collaborate on documents in complete confidentiality and security
  • Different types of groups can be created, with no limitation on the number of members per group:
  • administration : a main group and subgroups. These are created from the main group and are administratively dependent on it. Each group is managed independently (members, specific roles and content, specific tags…)
  • duration : permanent group (renewed annually) or temporary group (expires maximum 100 days after creation). The main group is always permanent. Subgroups can be permanent or temporary. For each permanent group created, a temporary group becomes available. For every ten permanent groups, one more temporary group becomes available per group created. Concretely, the administrator who creates for example 15 permanent groups will have 20 temporary groups
  • accessibility and visibility : a group can be open access (accessible to all), joined with approval or by invitation, or hidden (accessible by invitation and in which only posts with Private or Group visibility can be published). A main group cannot be hidden

Open access

  • Everyone is free to create a personal account . Creating an account, being part of groups and using all the features of Lawdle is completely free of charge and will remain so. In addition, each member can create and use a permanent main group and a temporary group free of charge.
  • Depending on the evolution of the platform and in order to keep its ethical character, the creation of additional permanent groups (other main groups and subgroups) will one day be charged (7 euros excl. VAT per month per permanent group, temporary groups included). It is currently free of charge and without any commitment. When it will be charged (for the future), each main group administrator will be contacted personally. No invoice will be issued without express prior consent.
  • Lawdle also creates tailor-made accounts and groups. Member profiles can be created and configured according to your wishes, as well as groups with the limitations of your choice. If you are interested in a tailor-made solution, please let us know at .