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Timothy understands the client's needs very well and is very good at identifying whether a candidate fits those needs. He is very dynamic and proactive. Even in difficult cases, he is very persistent until a result is achieved and his client is satisfied. He is also very available. I highly recommend him!

Laurent Stalens

General Counsel - AG Real Estate

We really enjoyed working with Timothy. The requirement analysis was very comprehensive. The proposed candidates were of high quality. The presentation reports were also very complete. A highly professional collaboration that enabled us to find an excellent profile.

Isabelle Gonçalves

HR Development Manager - Jolimont Group

It is a pleasure to work with Timothy. He takes the time to understand the business needs. During the process, he interacts closely with the various stakeholders. He is proactive and available for feedback. I highly recommend him!

Anne-Sophie Wauters

HR Recruiter - AG Insurance

Timothy has a great talent for making you feel at ease. After an initial contact on Linkedin, we had an in-depth conversation about my professional goals and expectations. Timothy was very responsive to my needs. He was always present and available to answer my questions. Thanks to his intervention, I have now been working for over a year in a position that suits me perfectly. I am very grateful to him.

Amira D.

Legal Advisor

Timothy contacted me when I was not considering a move to another employer. I was tempted to reply because it was the first time a recruiter contacted me for a job that perfectly matched my profile and experience. Our first interview was really pleasant and convincing. Timothy presented the company and the job in a simple and concrete way. It has been more than a year since I switched and I thank him very much for presenting me with this great opportunity.

Charlotte H.

Company Lawyer

Timothy was the perfect intermediary in my transition from a Bel 20 company to my current job at a financial regulator. Very available and proactive, transparent, attentive and working towards a win-win situation for both parties, Timothy's great professionalism allowed this important step, which sometimes brings its share of questions, to take place in a smooth and serene way. My career change turned out to be a "perfect fit". I highly recommend Timothy's services!

Géraldine R.

Legal Counsel

Timothy was extremely involved in my recruitment process, taking a very personal approach in addition to a professional one. From the cover letter to the final interview and final hiring, Timothy followed the process carefully and individually. As a young job seeker, I was extremely interested in the position I am currently in. The application for the job was not easy and Timothy's drive, conviction and guidance helped make this possible. I am immensely grateful to him for this.

Ignace N.

Junior Legal Counsel

I really enjoyed working with Timothy. He communicates directly, clearly and cordially even in difficult situations. He understands the needs of his clients as well as the aspirations and potential of the candidates, which enables him to find the right match. He was able to broaden my search by suggesting opportunities I had not considered. He is a business partner with integrity and reliability.

Sophie W.

Senior Legal Manager

Timothy was very helpful in finding the perfect job for me when I was looking for a new challenge, one in which I could not only use my existing work experience, but also expand it. He really listened to me and together we identified the most important aspects for me. He also kept in touch with me after each interview and gave me the courage to keep going through the whole process, successfully.

Tanja B.

Legal Advisor

Timothy is a very active and professional recruiter. He did not only provide me with useful information on a job opening but also prepared me with interview tips. During the job application process, he always checked on me after all my interviews and discussed feedback where I can be very open with him. His frequent check-in and update helped me to go through the job interview successfully. Timothy was like a partner in the job application.

Natcha K.

Legal Counsel


Are you looking for a new career opportunity or merely listening to the market?

  • I put my knowledge of the legal sector and my experience as a recruiter at your disposal
  • I look at possible career paths with you and advise you in the best possible way
  • I take into account your expectations, your personality and your expertise
  • I assist you before, during and after the recruitment process


Are you recruiting legal talent and need help finding the right candidate?

  • Based on your requirements, I start a search that yields results in about 2 weeks 
  • I contact, interview, select and present the talents that best match your expectations
  • I ensure a close follow-up at each stage of the recruitment process, by phone or email
  • I adapt to your wishes and remain involved from the beginning of the mission until the hiring


After graduating with a Master's degree in Law and an advanced Master's degree in ICT Law and Management, I started my career in 2001 at the Brussels Bar as an intellectual property lawyer in a renowned law firm. I then moved to the private sector and became an in-house lawyer specialising in copyright.

As I have always been interested in human relations, I subsequently held various sales and management positions for the two largest Belgian legal publishers. Wishing to help the legal sector and connect legal professionals, I launched my own business in 2015 by creating a collaborative platform. Passionate about people and the law, I joined the legal recruitment firm Nonzerosum in 2021, with whom I work exclusively, first as an employee and since 2023 as a freelancer.

Backed by these 20 years' experience, my job as a legal headhunter has become a real passion. It allows me to use on a daily basis the skills and knowledge I have developed so far and to put them to the benefit of legal professionals and employers. I work in French, Dutch and English.

Timothy Theunis

Legal Headhunter

Professional values


While being pragmatic, I make a point of working with high quality standards and seeking efficiency to achieve the best result.


Committed to building and maintaining sustainable professional relationships, I value open and transparent communication.


Resilient, empathetic and passionate about my work, I am dedicated to helping others on a daily basis to provide them with the highest possible satisfaction.


Concerned about the confidential nature of discussions and information entrusted to me, I always act with discretion, tact and respect for others.


Exclusive or non-exclusive

Several forms of collaboration are possible depending on your current needs.


Competitive pricing

My pricing is very competitive and fully transparent.


Contingent fee

A fee is only due when a proposed talent signs an employment contract.

Do you need help with legal recruitment?

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